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My career began in Silicon Valley in the 90's. I was a software engineer and software project manager for a huge company, Digitial Equipment Corporation, but was constantly influenced by hot start-ups that challenged and redefined the software industry. My software engineering career took me to Taligent, a joint Apple and IBM venture, and Synopsys. I came to love project management for the constant variety and opportunities to provide leadership and decisiveness.

I took a motherhood hiatus beginning in 1998. What project management hadn't taught me about flexibility and resourcefulness, parenthood did. The skill of wearing multiple hats simultaneously proved invaluable. My experience at addressing details while still focusing on the big picture was also critical. Children led me into volunteer roles in schools and not-for-profit educational organizations, like being a board member for a preschool and PTO president for an elementary school, that utilized and expanded my technology skills. It was during this time that I rediscovered my creative roots and began exploring graphic design.

In 2006 I blended a Brown University education in software development, professional experience in technology and a newly acquired skills set in graphic design to establish AFB Creative Consulting. It is thanks to a network of smart and entrepreneurial Boston-area women that I realized my skills set could be used in a marketable consulting venture. It's been a privilege to help several women launch their businesses and many more expand their influence and reach.

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