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Since 2006 AFB Creative Consulting has been providing a host of services to companies of all sizes. I love alternating between skills sets and immersing myself in different business challenges. Click on the titles below to understand the breadth and depths of services I offer. Then contact me!

Website Design

Every website I create is unique. I pride myself on developing visually interesting sites that are functional and easy to navigate. My design process includes listening to you talk about what you like and don't like, assessing your competition and thinking about how to reflect your brand with impact. It is also important to understand how you want to maintain the site over time. Together we develop a vision and bring it to life.

Already have a website?

With an outsider's perspective, I can suggest ways to re-energize your site through a different look or feel, updated graphics, different content, etc. Between my fresh input and your business goals we will arrive at a redesign that attracts more visitors and pushes your business forward. The right solution could be as simple as re-positioning your existing content for bigger impact or as extensive as redesigning the site to align more closely with your brand.

Looking for website maintenance?

Every website has different maintenance needs. I offer support programs that range from regular content updates to changes on demand.

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Blog Design

Blogs, even taking into account the current trend of micro-blogging, is the most content-rich method of social networking. Blogs are inherently dynamic so I enjoy designing blogs with creativity and an innovative use of branding. Some blogs are an extension of a business' website in which case continuity is the most important aspect of the blog's design. I always start a blog design by listening carefully to why a customer wants a blog. Sometimes customers ask for a blog when they really need a website (an equal number have asked for a website when a blog was more appropriate).

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Pine StrawDailyOutfitNational Sleep Therapy

Email Campaign Design & Management

You say newsletter, I say marketing campaign. No matter what you call it, direct emails from a customer subscription list are a powerful marketing tool. I can design templates for your emails, strategize on appropriate calls-to-action and monitor success rates. Hate writing a monthly newsletter? Let's work together on the topics and I'll write the content.

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Logo Design

I love logos because they drive and inspire! They set the stage for everything else. It's exciting to work with a blank slate and help build a company's image. I build a logo based on a client's needs, principles and strategy. Once you throw in a little company attitude or culture, a logo really clicks.

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Hudson DesignsBetsy Kessler's BlueprintBlue Jay Design

Brand Development

Branding plays to my detailed-oriented nature. It's an interesting challenge to me to take a logo and expand it into a full identity and feeling. My brand development relies on developing a clear and open relationship between myself and my client.  My services can be as simple as brand specification and as involved as executing the brand across all of the marketing collateral - business cards, stationery, letterhead, etc.

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Pine StrawDailyOutfitHudson DesignsBlue Jay DesignCynthia Iris

Social Networking

Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. LinkedIn. Google+. Social networking is the latest form of cross-promoting your company. I can help you figure out which vehicle is the best fit for your company and its goals. We can figure out how to carry your branding onto these platforms as well as strategize on the frequency of interaction and the tone to use.

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Pine StrawDailyOutfitHudson DesignsNational Sleep Therapy

Project Management

My forte is project management regardless of whether the focus is developing websites, designing marketing materials, scripting and directing educational videos or sourcing trade show collateral. I can be your extra resource to get a much needed project done when you don't have enough staffing or don't have an employee with the right knowledge base.

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DailyOutfitNational Sleep TherapyIFDA New EnglandRutledge Properties

Business Development & Strategy

I bring the outsider's perspective and fresh eyes you need to help you take a hard look at your business and its direction. We can work together on a strategy and plan that will help you reach your business goals and takes into account your branding, digital presence, marketing outreach and customer management.

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Pine StrawDailyOutfitHudson DesignsNational Sleep TherapyThe LINX Companies